Nagini is based on a traditional Tibetan image of the “Virgin Daughter of the Nagas” (Naga Khanya). The Nagas are the beautiful race of serpent-people, mythic demi-gods who live under the earth in extraordinary wealth and comfort. I made Nagini to be more feminine in shape; a little more woman than snake, and instead of the traditional conch, she holds a desert tarantula (sculpted from polymer clay). She is made from papier-mâché with a laminated cardboard core. Her crown is fabricated with beads made from hand-molded polymer clay and cut crystal brilliants, and a (lab-grown) emerald. She has glass eyes and two hand-carved, wax-covered Tibetan crystal dorjes are sealed inside her body, at what would be the location of her Conceptual and Governing vessels according to Tibetan healing and meditation traditions. Scroll down to see the stages of Nagini’s making.

All images and texts © 2015 Cheryl De Ciantis